E J Churchill Staff 2013

Today I had the great privilege to shoot (with a gun) on the West Wycombe Estate with some of the staff from EJ Churchill for their annual staff day. I also took my camera along and took some pictures between drives. Here are some of my favourite images. Please feel free to copy and save them and use them for your own personal use, all I ask is a LIKE on my Facebook page by clicking hereEJCstaff_IMG_7331 EJCstaff_IMG_7339 EJCstaff_IMG_7350  EJCstaff_IMG_7356 EJCstaff_IMG_7357 EJCstaff_IMG_7358 EJCstaff_IMG_7362 EJCstaff_IMG_7367 EJCstaff_IMG_7372 EJCstaff_IMG_7376 EJCstaff_IMG_7377 EJCstaff_IMG_7379 EJCstaff_IMG_7388 EJCstaff_IMG_7392 EJCstaff_IMG_7398 EJCstaff_IMG_7400 EJCstaff_IMG_7402 EJCstaff_IMG_7404 EJCstaff_IMG_7405 EJCstaff_IMG_7414 EJCstaff_IMG_7417 EJCstaff_IMG_7421 EJCstaff_IMG_7431 EJCstaff_IMG_7434 EJCstaff_IMG_7439 EJCstaff_IMG_7445 EJCstaff_IMG_7455 EJCstaff_IMG_7466  EJCstaff_IMG_7476 EJCstaff_IMG_7481 EJCstaff_IMG_7486 EJCstaff_IMG_7490 EJCstaff_IMG_7494 EJCstaff_IMG_7496 EJCstaff_IMG_7501 EJCstaff_IMG_7502 EJCstaff_IMG_7507 EJCstaff_IMG_7512 EJCstaff_IMG_7514 EJCstaff_IMG_7524 EJCstaff_IMG_7540 EJCstaff_IMG_7550 EJCstaff_IMG_7552 EJCstaff_IMG_7560 EJCstaff_IMG_7561 EJCstaff_IMG_7567 EJCstaff_IMG_7568 EJCstaff_IMG_7569 EJCstaff_IMG_7573 EJCstaff_IMG_7576 EJCstaff_IMG_7582 EJCstaff_IMG_7585 EJCstaff_IMG_7593 EJCstaff_IMG_7616 EJCstaff_IMG_7627 EJCstaff_IMG_7639   EJCstaff_IMG_7653 EJCstaff_IMG_7661 EJCstaff_IMG_7662 EJCstaff_IMG_7667  EJCstaff_IMG_7689  EJCstaff_IMG_7695

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