Picking up at West Wycombe

There was a beaters day at West Wycombe Park today and one thing I never have enough practice at photographing is dogs retrieving birds. I spoke to David Swallow, the head keeper who said it would be fine to hang out with the picker ups and photograph the action from the back of the field. The guns today also had several dogs amongst them who were keen to retrieve the birds too. I spent most of the day with a gentleman, David Frost, one of the writers for the Shooting Times and other shooting titles. He has 4 black lab, all whom are very well trained and excellent gun dogs. I also spent time with Tony and Alistair and their Cocker Spaniels who helped towards more great pictures.  There was plenty of friendly banter going on today between the dog handlers as to the merits of their dogs,  Spaniels verses Labrador……… I’m keeping out of this one!!!

Here are some of the pictures from todayWWS Dogs_IMG_0483 WWS Dogs_IMG_0489 WWS Dogs_IMG_0503 WWS Dogs_IMG_0508 WWS Dogs_IMG_0512 WWS Dogs_IMG_0515 WWS Dogs_IMG_7704 WWS Dogs_IMG_7708 WWS Dogs_IMG_7710 WWS Dogs_IMG_7713 WWS Dogs_IMG_7726 WWS Dogs_IMG_7741 WWS Dogs_IMG_7742 WWS Dogs_IMG_7744 WWS Dogs_IMG_7751 WWS Dogs_IMG_7754 WWS Dogs_IMG_7762 WWS Dogs_IMG_7770 WWS Dogs_IMG_7776 WWS Dogs_IMG_7779 WWS Dogs_IMG_7803 WWS Dogs_IMG_7818 WWS Dogs_IMG_7829 WWS Dogs_IMG_7832 WWS Dogs_IMG_7839 WWS Dogs_IMG_7842 WWS Dogs_IMG_7851 WWS Dogs_IMG_7873 WWS Dogs_IMG_7882 WWS Dogs_IMG_7886 WWS Dogs_IMG_7896 WWS Dogs_IMG_7909 WWS Dogs_IMG_7914 WWS Dogs_IMG_7918 WWS Dogs_IMG_7930 WWS Dogs_IMG_7944 WWS Dogs_IMG_7947 WWS Dogs_IMG_7953 WWS Dogs_IMG_7958 WWS Dogs_IMG_7988 WWS Dogs_IMG_7993 WWS Dogs_IMG_8008 WWS Dogs_IMG_8048 WWS Dogs_IMG_8053 WWS Dogs_IMG_8056 WWS Dogs_IMG_8063 WWS Dogs_IMG_8076 WWS Dogs_IMG_8079 WWS Dogs_IMG_8080 WWS Dogs_IMG_8086 WWS Dogs_IMG_8107 WWS Dogs_IMG_8115 WWS Dogs_IMG_8122 WWS Dogs_IMG_8133 WWS Dogs_IMG_8134 WWS Dogs_IMG_8137 WWS Dogs_IMG_8143 WWS Dogs_IMG_8148 WWS Dogs_IMG_8150 WWS Dogs_IMG_8158 WWS Dogs_IMG_8165 WWS Dogs_IMG_8176

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