#EJChurchill Mini Shooting Fair 20th/21st July

Well, here are a few more pictures from today’s mini shooting fair at E J Churchill. I spent much of my time talking to people and enjoying myself so did not take as many pictures as one would have hoped.  However here are some that made the edit! Mickey Rouse stole the spotlight today with his amazing shooting skills, although I don’t fancy going around to his place for a fruit cocktail! I met many great suppliers today including gun dog trainers Ian and Jill Clinton of Working Dog Company, Bridie Hicks of Hicks Hides whom makes beautiful handcrafted leather belts, The Foxdenton Estate Company with their delicious fruit gins as well as many other great suppliers. Check out the EJ Churchill website and Twitter feed to find out who the other great suppliers were. The staff ar E J Churchill have done a fabulous job at pulling out the stops and organising a mini fair for us punters in such short notice. Sounds like it going to be a nice sunny day tomorrow so I’d recommend unlocking that shotgun and getting down there for a round or two of clays! Just don’t take any tomatoes along! 😉

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