A happy gun takes his bag to the picker up…

Not a bad drive for this chap considering its the end of the season. A great partridge drive on the West Wycombe Estate for one of the staff from E J Churchill shooting ground.

Don’t upset the terrier…

what you looking at?

I shot this some time ago on a lovely little syndicate shoot in Wiltshire on the Wolfhall Estate near Marlborough. This little Border Terrier was a friendly little chap but must have a bit of an underbite!? Great little dogs for flushing out and general entertainment.

John Dickson and Son hammer gun

This fine gun from the late 1800’s was used at the E J Churchill Shoot at West Wycombe Estate by a young man who is very keen on hammer shotguns. Beautiful in every way with its Damascus barrels and sidelock design, made by Scottish gunmaker John Dickson and Son, its a fine example of a hammer gun. I believe it was a 16 bore and could shoot pretty straight too!

John Dickson & Son was established in 1820 in Edinburgh. The company gained its popularity through its round action shotgun, for which a patent was taken out in 1882. Its distinguished customers included Lord Byron, who bought his duelling pistols from them. To find out more about this Scottish gunmaker please click here to be directed to their website.

You can set your watch by him

Last season I was lucky to meet this gentleman who has been living on the same country estate in Oxfordshire for the last 46 years. During the shooting season you can guarantee he will be out on the shoots walking the hedges with his stick tapping away at his own pace. I got chatting to him and learnt quite a bit about the history of the estate and its ancestors! This year I will try and get some more information from him – it’s gents like this that make the countryside such a wonderful place.

Waiting for the birds…

I was very happy with this image of one of the guns and his dogs (whom I met on the E J Churchills shoot) waiting for the birds to fly. I particularly like the composition of the image, the two spaniels on the left looking at me whilst the other dog is more interested in seeing a pheasant fly out of the wood. Just a lovely image of a contented man with his dogs!

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