Could this be the oldest hot shot in the UK?

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Roy Malpas at EJ Churchill shooting ground. Roy is a much loved regular client and comes in with his crew every week for 50 bird sporting round come rain or shine. Not only is Roy a pretty hot shot but he has also just celebrated his 90th Birthday.

As fit as a fiddle he will put some of us younger ones to shame. Having shot his first gun in 1941 Roy has a wealth of knowledge of guns and as it happens Photography and Cinematography, so you could say we got on like a house on fire. I only hope I have his energy and zest for life when I am his age….

I just wanted to post a quick portrait of him for his family and friends to see. I will post a few more on here in the future.

In the meantime is Roy the oldest clay shooter in the UK?


Roy Malpas – 90 years and 1 day old

#ShotgunandChelseaBunClub #LadiesShooting Event at #EJChurchill

This morning I was at EJ Churchill photographing a ladies shooting event called The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club, a club set up by Ladies Shooting  to promote affordable, safe and inclusive ladies shooting days in a fun and female only environment. Find out more about this great club by clicking on the links above.
In the meantime here are a few pictures from today. I will be posting more later this week so sign up and keep an eye out!

#EJChurchill Mini Shooting Fair – Check out Mickey Rouse!

I had a fabulous afternoon at EJ Churchill shooting ground this afternoon at their Mini Shooting Fair. Its on tomorrow so head along – entry is free so its well worth the trip. Lots to see and some great clay shooting available.  Check out their website for more information here or follow them on Twitter @ejchurchill

In the meantime I was amazed by the talent of a top clay shot called Mickey Rouse who amazed with the crowds with his incredible shooting skills. Wow that man can shoot!

I’m busy working on images now to post before I hit the hay but to tide you over check this one out.

Don’t move or the tomato gets it!