EJ Churchill Staff Day Pictures Online!

Today I had the great privilege to shoot (with a gun) on the West Wycombe Estate with some of the staff from EJ Churchill for their annual staff day. I also took my camera along and took some pictures between drives. Here are some of my favourite images from today, others can be found by clicking on the page at the top entitled ‘E J Churchill Staff 2013’ . To all who attended please feel free to copy and save them and use them for your own personal use, all I ask is a LIKE on my Facebook page by clicking here. Thank you!West Wycombe Shoot

Special thanks to Rob Fenwick and Sir Edward Dashwood for inviting me along. I am proud to say I hit double figures on some drives!

United Retrievers Club – Bucks Area Novice Working Test at Englefield Park, Sunday 8th July 2012

Oh… it’s him again!

Yesterday I was at the home of the Benyon family photographing the above gun dog event in their deer park. I photographed a mark and a blind event in the morning and then a mark water retrieve in the afternoon. I’m a total novice at this and still coming to terms with the lingo so please forgive me if I’m talking nonsense!

Anyhow, for all those competitors eager to see the pictures of their dogs here they are! Before you shoot down the page to see them please read the following:

For all those black lab owners who struggle to recognise their dog I have now photographed each handler at the start of their test as an indication that your dog will follow! Most of the pictures are great of handler and dog however if you are not happy with your expression etc please note they are for reference only.

All images on here are purely for viewing and the colours and contrast are only an average setting. Black dogs may appear too black and lighter dogs may appear to light. The foliage of the mornings events may look better in some images than in others due to the process I apply to get these images online asap.

Prints or digital files can be ordered by emailing me at thesportingpicture@gmail.com or calling me on 07971093423. Any orders will be colour assessed by me and produced to a high standard. Blemishes can be removed on dogs as well as owners (!) if necessary. I will naturally clean up eyes, dribble etc on the dogs unless asked not to do so. As we all are aware black dogs coats can show a lack of detail when photographed – in most cases any prints ordered will show very good tonality in their coats.

At the last event at West Wycombe I offered a sequence of images at half price e.g 6 images for the price of 3 – this is a great offer if you wanted a series of your dog running, jumping retrieving etc. This offer is available for any print order over 6 prints.

A couple of people have also asked me if I can do a montage of images of 4 or 6 pictures on one piece of paper.  So I would now like to offer an additional product of a montage with your dogs details on it and the date of the event such as the montage featured below. The Cost of this is just £50 and can contain up to 8 images. I will display them in the most suitable way.

I am happy to put whatever info you require on the montage so please just email me your requirements.

Also, as lovely as the colours were (especially in the morning!) I can also offer black and white versions such as these images below.  Black and white offers a timeless more classical portrait of your dog removing the complication of bright surroundings. If you wish to see you dog in black and white please email me the reference number and I can send it back to you for you to view before making your decision.

For all orders over £25 made before the 20th July please deduct 10% from the total.

Now onto the stars of the show…..

Print Prices
6×4 -£10
7×5 -£12
9×6 -£15
12×8 – £20 closest to A4
15×10 – £25
18×12 – £35 closest to A3

A3 montage of up to 8 images with dogs details etc -£50

A4 montage of 4 images – with or without details £25

p+p £1.95 on all orders.

Canvases and framed wall products available on request. Should you require something that is not featured on my price list please do get in touch and I will do my best to accomodate your request.

Thank you,


thesportingpicture@gmail.com Tel. 07971093423